What Can I Finance?

Good question! You can finance any of the pieces of equipment listed below.
We can also finance your Service Projects such as duct-work, duct cleaning, insulation and small plumbing projects up to $5,000.

Equipment Financed:

✔ Furnaces
✔ Air Conditioners
✔ Condensers
✔ Coils
✔ Air-Handlers
✔ Heat Pumps
✔ Generators
✔ Oil-Burners
✔ Wood Furnaces/Pellet stoves
✔ Electrical Panels
✔ Humidifiers
✔ Boilers
✔ Water Heaters/Tank-less
✔ Water Filtration Systems
✔ Geothermal Systems
✔ Solar Panels
✔ Zoning equipment

Installment Loan

Our FTL Finance Lease product is a single installment loan. It is not a traditional lease, and you own, keep, and are responsible for the equipment. This product has fixed terms, fixed interest rates, and a fixed monthly payment, so you know exactly what to expect monthly. Our finance lease has no early termination fee, or prepayment penalties.


The ESC Card product is a revolving loan that can act as a line of credit between you and your contractor for future repairs. The interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan. Your monthly payment with this program is typically lower than the finance lease, and will reduce as you pay down the interest and principal on the loan.

Options for the Homeowner!

FTL Finance offers convenient fixed interest rate financing for residential HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment purchases. Our outstanding customer service provides rapid turnarounds and fair evaluations of entire credit histories, not just score. FTL Finance specializes in lease financing of HVAC equipment for residential properties since 1996. By working with contractors across the country we have built a rapid response financing system customized to your needs.

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